Bespoke team tours to experience the best of Spain and Portugal

Discover the hidden gems of Spain and Portugal with our carefully curated selection of tours, showcasing the best of each destination's culture, history, and natural beauty.


Expert tour planning and logistics services

Our team of experts will work with you to plan and execute a customized tour, from itinerary planning and transportation to accommodation and dining, ensuring a truly memorable experience for your group.

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Corporate Tours

Customize Your Perfect Corporate Tour Experience!

Unlock new levels of team building and corporate bonding with our exceptional tours designed exclusively for corporate groups. We understand the importance of fostering strong relationships and maximizing productivity in a dynamic and engaging environment. Our carefully crafted tours combine professional development with immersive experiences, ensuring a perfect blend of business and leisure. From captivating destinations to tailor-made activities, we curate unforgettable journeys that inspire, motivate, and create lasting memories.

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Experience the perfect blend of business and leisure with our captivating tours designed exclusively for corporate groups in Spain & Portugal.

We also understand the importance of creating unforgettable experiences that inspire and motivate your team. Our expertly crafted itineraries seamlessly combine professional engagements with cultural immersion, ensuring a truly enriching journey. Whether you're exploring the historic streets of Madrid, indulging in the culinary delights of Barcelona, or discovering the hidden gems of Seville, our experienced guides and local experts will provide insider knowledge and exceptional service throughout.

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From the charming streets of Lisbon to the idyllic vineyards of Douro Valley, our carefully curated itineraries blend business and leisure seamlessly, offering a perfect balance for your group. Our knowledgeable guides and local experts will provide insider insights and ensure a smooth and memorable journey. Engage in team-building activities, savor authentic Portuguese cuisine, and explore historical landmarks, all while enjoying the utmost comfort and luxury. Whether you seek inspiring workshops, networking opportunities, or simply a well-deserved retreat, our dedicated team will tailor each tour to meet your specific needs and objectives. Trust in our expertise to create an unforgettable corporate tour experience in Spain & Portugal, where professional growth and cultural exploration come together in perfect harmony.

Schedule a meeting with our experts

We understand the importance of meeting our clients' needs for corporate events, and to ensure we deliver personalized solutions, we are offering a complimentary consultation call. Our dedicated team is ready to listen to your requirements, discuss your event objectives, and provide tailored recommendations to meet your specific needs. Whether you are planning a conference, team-building activity, or corporate retreat, we are here to understand your vision and create a customized event that exceeds your expectations. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation call and let us help you create a memorable and successful corporate event.

Explore new possibilities

Inspiration awaits at Peninsular Adventures. Join us as we redefine the boundaries of corporate activities and travel experiences, crafting extraordinary memories that will leave a lasting impact on you and your team.

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